Guess Who Turned 1?

Puppies Puppies Puppies! I remember the day we picked up our fur babies, You could hold them in one arm and they made the softest little bark. My daughter and I drove from Northern Wisconsin to Cedar Rapids Iowa to pick up our babies. Yes I said babies because my daughter picked out a sister to my puppy. The ride home was a time for sleeping and peeing..... needless to say it took longer to get back home because of all the potty breaks:)

Sleepy Blue Heelers

Introducing ~ Mylee and Belle.

Three months later.......

This is the day that we introduced the girls to the beach. Not sure what to do about the water but they loved running on the dock. Belle eventually took to the water right away but Mylee needed a little convincing. This summer will be a totally different story as both of the girls now Love the water and it's hard to keep them out of any puddle much less a lake! Who knew!

Mylee loves to be close to her older sister Meeka, especially on car rides
Six Months

Mylee loves her older sister Meeka, if looks alone told a story.....

Meeka is 8 years old now and isn't quite sure about having a new sister but tolerates her. We love our Blue Heelers they are very smart and VERY active ( when not going for a ride) they are so loving and well behaved. They have my heart!

Fast forward to Mylee's first birthday, can you see her heart??? Adorable and sassy the perfect combination.

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