Meet Lucky

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

The neighbors have a field of animals, one of which is a steer named "Lucky" who is always hanging around the outer fence. I have never seen such a perfectly shaped heart on an animal before. He definitely stands out from the others! The land that Lucky roams is a beautiful piece of property with hills and trees galore. I find it very tranquil as do the animals I'm sure. You might also get a glimpse of Beau, a sight to behold!

I love my walks around what we call "the loop" which is about a 3 mile circle with nothing but cabins and acreage. Our home is set on 20 acres that backs up to the National Forest and then another 40 acres that we own. We have had a cabin here for almost 30 years, since we first were married and now that our youngest daughter has graduated from college, we made the move to our cabin and turned it into our full time Home!

Lucky & Beau

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