Organization helps me create...

Our new addition to the house is completed and the next project will be the original part where the master bedroom, second bedroom and office are. That project will be a total re-do as well. (pictures to follow soon)

My office has been a complete maze for the last 7 months and I find it VERY hard to concentrate and create in this space. Last year for the 4th of July I had made the most awesome decorations and party favors and this year... nothing.

For me my creative space is like my kitchen space. When I cook, everything has it's place and I clean as I cook. My husband on the other hand see's the kitchen like his workshop outside; prepare and cook on every available counter space and hope someone cleans it up later. Granted everything he makes is absolutely delicious but the kitchen looks like a tornado went through.

Every month I do find time to create a calendar to frame and display which I keep in our laundry room. So I suppose I did create "one" thing...

I look forward to the 4th of July, the preparations, planning and all of the festivities that usually take place all weekend long with family and friends and of course our pups!

I hope everyone has a terrific 4th of July holiday and I would love for you to share any past projects, recipes or games that you have created for your holiday!

Take Care & Enjoy Nature!

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