Spring...Not Yet

Here we are the middle of April and we are expecting a snow storm and around 10 inches of snow. WHAT?? Yes that is correct. Today is Saturday the day before Easter and it is sunny and about 53 degrees so all in all not so bad.

Today I took the pups for a walk through the woods to see any signs of Spring and we did see quite a few robins and even a butterfly. The snow is almost gone (tomorrow will be a different story) and the streams are running.

COVID19 has everyone dedicated to their homes and I for one am fine with that! I treasure my home and family and want them to be safe.

There is always something to do here and I'll never run out of ideas or get tired of playing with the pups so no complaining here. Common sense says do your part and stay home.

The land is awake and green is showing up everywhere! I find happiness in the smallest of places:)

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